Healthcare House Calls in Cleveland

Our blog tries to highlight the various nice reasons why one might move to Cleveland, as well as the area attractions that they might move closer to within the city. But it can’t be ignored that in making major life transitions there are sometimes not-so-nice factors that influence one’s decision-making.

With that in mind, it is worth noting that a recent article at suggested that there might be good reason why persons who are elderly or in delicate states of health would choose to hire a Cleveland moving company and make this city their home.

The world-famous Cleveland Clinic is among 15 facilities that are testing the Independence at Home program to re-introduce the largely defunct idea of house calls by medical professionals. According to the article, the program has been quite successful so far, saving money for Medicare and Medicaid and improving patient outcomes.

If you or someone you love is having a hard time getting access to essential medical services in your current living situation, a Cleveland moving company may well be able to improve matters by setting you up in close proximity to a clinic that offers an exceptional quality of care and that may be among the first places in the nation to do so inside the homes of patients who otherwise live independently.

It may not be a major selling point for young fans of sports and rock and roll, but for persons who know they will need medical services in their home city in the coming years, it could be just as good a reason as any other to hire a Cleveland moving company.