Minimum Wage Hike Might Spur Cleveland Ingress and Exodus

As a Cleveland, Ohio moving company, we try to remain above the fray of area politics, although we are interested in highlighting any political developments that might have an impact on local people’s lives.

Any given political initiative can probably be expected to be good for some people and bad for others. And we aren’t overly concerned about which people want to hire Cleveland moving company to take advantage of the latest developments and which people want to flee away from them. The only thing that we care about is that the overall trend is toward population growth and ongoing development in the cities and towns we serve.

With that in mind, it’s certainly in our interest to point out that a nearly 100 percent hike in the minimum wage remains a hot button issue in Cleveland. The push to raise starting wages to 15 dollars per hour has been defeated in the short term, but points out that advocates for the increase have not yet given up.

We leave it to our readers and clients to debate whether the initiative’s success would send other Ohioans rushing for a Cleveland moving company to given them a shot at a better life, or whether it would just cause local businesses to employ a Cleveland relocation service to move them to places with less financial burden. But whatever the case, it won’t affect our presence in the area, the affordability of our services, or our interest in matching the right people and businesses to Cleveland and its surrounding cities.

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