Cleveland Heights’ High-Class Renovations recently published a “Cool Spaces” feature describing the renovation of a 1927 home in Cleveland Heights. The article is a fascinating depiction of one couple’s labor of love, and in a larger sense it illustrates the enormous appeal that some areas of Cleveland hold for investors, whether they are investing in the future of the regional housing market, or just their own futures.

The descriptions given in that article may be a source of inspiration for some people who are looking to hire a Cleveland moving company and start a new life or a new large-scale renovation in a flourishing neighborhood. Not all such projects need to be as thorough as that undertaken by James Graham and David Dusek, and not all of them will have as difficult as starting point as the poorly maintained property they purchased. But the end result will surely be impressive for most any available property in Cleveland Heights.

If you doubt this, just ask after any Cleveland moving company that has done work in that area – or in any area with a similar reputation for its housing market. Or better yet, go look at some of those spaces yourself. The article points out that Cleveland Heights will be hosting its 39th Annual Home and Garden Tour on Saturday and Sunday September 17 and 18, allowing you a self-guided view of seven homes and three gardens, and perhaps also a glimpse at your own future as a homeowner.

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